Join the Quokka fresh food platform!

the fresh food corner

for offices & co-working spaces

a smart fridge filled with fresh, healthy and tasty food


Get your food in less than 30 seconds!

1. unlock

Unlock the smart fridge with

the Quokka App, credit card, business card or your fingerprint


Look and interact with the products before making the purchase decision 

3. grab & go

Grab the products you want and close the door to pay automatically

for Offices and

co-working spaces

Quokka is a zero-investment smart canteen

Facilitate healthy food options to your teams to boost productivity

No cost nor commitment, and
we take care of everything!

for local
food vendors

Quokka is an extra source of revenue

Access to hundreds of new potential customers per point of sale

Place your products at the consumers' fingertips

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